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Occasionally, even your best piece of jewelry requires service, whether it's a water resistance test, minor repairs, or just a revision that's due so that the movement can always perform as it should.

For all Bruno Söhnle customers, we offer the services your watch deserves. The service is performed by our experienced watchmakers on site in Glashütte, the same place where the watches are built, refined and tested.

Here you can find a service price list with all services for our mechanical and quartz watches.

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What happens during a major service of my mechanical watch (M2)?

During a major service, your watch, in this example mechanical watch, will be completely disassembled by our watchmakers, completely cleaned and carefully inspected.

First, the case is opened and the hands and dial are carefully removed to allow the movement to be disassembled. After the complete cleaning of the movement, it is now reassembled.

During this process, the most important parts of the movement are freshly lubricated so that less wear occurs in the movement. Now follows the test of the accuracy. Here, your watch will be readjusted until it runs with very good accuracy again.

Since the gaskets can wear out over time, they will be replaced if necessary. Now that your watch has been completely reassembled, regulated, and the gaskets replaced, the water resistance is tested.

Finally, the typical Bruno Söhnle technical and aesthetic final inspection follows in accordance with our quality standards. This refers to the power reserve, as well as the accuracy of your watch. 


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