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The Bruno Söhnle Glashütte brand

Tradition and passion for fine timepieces

Sensual elegance, classic design, and a passion for vibrant everyday moments - this is one side of our Bruno Söhnle Watch Workshop Glashütte brand. It forms the creative framework for the other side: an authentic functional aesthetic from Glashütte in Saxony that adheres to tradition. Both sides of Bruno Söhnle coalesce to form the self-image of our Bruno Söhnle brand. In this way, every timepiece from our Bruno Söhnle Watch Workshop promises stylistic confidence: The superior unifying elements of individual, personality, and the fascinating diversity of time.

My best time

In 2000, Bruno Söhnle launched his own watch brand. Thanks to his quote "My best time began with this step", the well-known brand slogan emerged as a result: My best time.

Our Bruno Söhnle watches embody not only absolute precision, but also give time an additional, exclusive dimension: The unity of aesthetic and technical perfection makes one's best time out of special moments. The design vocabulary for the watches from our workshop in Glashütte focuses on the essential and leaves room for affectionate details.

Superb design is as much a part of an exceptional success story as the combination of high-quality materials and an affordable price. For connoisseurs, our brand Bruno Söhnle is a synonym for the entry point into the fascination of traditional Glashütte watchmaking art. Behind it stands a family and owner-managed company that has a policy of utilizing short decision-making paths. The management considers itself, along with its emploeyes and global partners, a big family and lives this philosophy every day.

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