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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & Delivery

Throughout the shopping process, you have the option to view your shopping cart. You can change this data at any time. Do you no longer like a product or would you like to have another product several times? In the shopping basket you can delete items or change the order quantities. The order is only completed and changes are no longer possible when you click on Send order at the checkout.

Each product has its own delivery availability, which is usually displayed on the product detail page. As soon as the goods are ready for dispatch, you will receive an email telling you how you will be delivered and, once the goods have been dispatched, another email with the tracking code to track the shipment.

As soon as a shipment is on its way to you, you will receive an email with the tracking number of the shipment. You can track the delivery status online by going to the link provided in the email and entering the tracking number of the shipment, if applicable.

Detailed tracking is not possible for shipments sent by freight forwarders or wholesalers. Forwarding agent shipments are notified by telephone.

You are also welcome to call us to find out the status of the shipment and the day of the scheduled delivery. You can reach customer service at the following number:

  • From Germany: 08158 4543862 
  • From abroad: +49 8158 4543862

We will pass on the shipping costs to you in the amount charged to us by a parcel service or a freight forwarder. You can see the exact shipping costs in the shopping cart before submitting your order. However, you must be logged in or registered so that we know your delivery address in order to determine the exact freight costs.

If we make partial deliveries, we will still not charge you more. You always pay the lowest price, just as if everything was shipped at once.

For deliveries to non-EU countries, additional customs duties, taxes and fees apply.
You will be charged for these when the shipment is delivered.

General Questions

All operating instructions for our clocks and for downloading can be found on the respective product page under the operating instructions tab directly next to the product description.

Keep your watch away from the direct influence of strong magnetic fields. In general, the function of your watch is not affected by the magnetic fields of household appliances, television sets or stereo equipment.

Avoid high temperatures Do not leave your watch in direct sunlight or in very warm or cold places for a long time. This may cause significant rate differences and condensation.
Avoid strong impacts This watch withstands normal impacts that occur during play or sporting activities. Avoid dropping your watch on the floor or otherwise subjecting it to excessive shocks. In particular, avoid impacts to the crown.
Avoid strong magnetic fields Keep your watch away from the direct influence of strong magnetic fields. In general, the magnetic fields of household appliances, televisions or stereo equipment will not affect the operation of your watch.
Avoid chemicals, solvents and gases Do not wear your watch while using strong chemicals, solvents or harmful gases. If your watch comes into contact with these, deterioration or damage to the case or its seals, the strap or other components of the watch may occur.
Keep your watch clean Rub off any trace of water or moisture on the case, glass or bracelet with a soft, clean cloth. Any dirt on the case or bracelet could cause a skin rash. A watch strap becomes dirty due to the build-up of sweat and dust. A stainless steel or gold-plated bracelet may corrode if left uncleaned for a long time. Do not operate any controls under water.
Periodic inspection To keep the watch in trouble-free working order for many years, we recommend that you have the watch checked every 3 years, as well as an annual water-resistance check at one of our concessionaires and the replacement of all sealing elements when the battery is changed.

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1. Yes, vouchers can be purchased.
2. You can purchase a voucher in the My Account section.
3. You can use a voucher as a means of payment for any online purchase, regardless of whether the order value is higher or lower than the voucher value. The voucher code is entered at the checkout in the Enter voucher code field below the payment option selection.
4. In the event of a return of items paid for with a voucher, the value of the return will be added back to the voucher.

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A deviation of up to -10/+20 seconds per month is normal.

Some of our models can be fitted with both a leather strap and a metal bracelet, but not all. Please contact one of our concessionaires to check. You can find addresses in your area under the menu item Specialized Retailers.

Please contact one of our concessionaires, as we do not offer any direct sales. They will take over the complete processing of your spare parts order. You can find addresses in your area under the menu item Specialized Retailer.